When I was not that affordable, I can only choose to use myBB. It was my favourite free forum software.

Until one day, I saw a forum software named xenForo is being used by ClientExec which I think the forum is super cool, I quickly Google it and I found that it’s a paid forum software at a very reasonable price. I purchased it without thinking it twice. I never felt regret too for buying it. I started to know more about xenForo by reading the popular posts on its community and then I realised xenForo was having a war with Internet Brands (sounded like big guy bullied the small guy). Seen lots of people saying those nasty words and underestimating xenForo at different communities. Nevertheless, I still support xenForo a lot (because of the love at first sight!). Now, xenForo won the lawsuit! I am indeed very happy and will definitely support xenForo continuously. Congratulations! :D

Tried vB, IPB and WBB, but xenForo is definitely for the win! :)

Impossible to Remove Uninstalled Apps from Google Play’s My Account

I now have a phone and a tablet which their OSes are both Android, so they both are using Google account. Besides, I have also a previously defective and returned tablet linked to same Google Play account. The thing which bother me so much was where you cannot remove those uninstalled apps from the Google Play > My Account > My Orders. It gets very complicated because there were lots of apps that I have uninstalled since long time ago on my phone, and recently some were from the tablet. Uninstalled and installed apps were mixed up in the My Orders apps list in the past. However, Google has categorised them into two parts which labeled “Apps installed on Galaxy S2″ and “Other Apps in My Library”. Although, they have been categorised (which is much better than last time), still I would hope to remove the rest of the uninstalled apps.

Unfortunately, after searching for the solution, I came accross this support page of Google mentioning the below:

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Is Your Nexus 7 Defective? – Screen Separation Issue

I believe many of us are having one of the common issues with Nexus 7 now. Pre-ordered my Nexus 7 on the 29th June 2012. I got my Nexus 7 yesterday (18th July 2012). I was so happy about it, unfortunately when I un-boxed it, I saw there was a white dot, like dust, stuck under the NEXUS title at the back cover. I told myself to ignore it since it’s just a small problem. So, i left it and enjoyed exploring my Nexus 7.

After a few hours, I found my screen was actually slightly lifted up at the left side and so does the back cover at the same area. I started to do research on the internet and I found that many of the Nexus 7 owners are facing the same issue.

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Worst Domain Registrar: GotoNames.com (Formerly limedomains.com)

Note: The below story is a true incident. There is no meaning of backstabbing or defaming the company but rather a pissed off incident happened to me.

Wanna register a domain with GotoNames.com (formerly limedomains.com) or Netfronts.com, think twice. They are sister companies. These two companies are ruled by a jerk support team who deletes customers’ replies/tickets. Sounds cool. They share the same support team some times (one of the support guy told me that they shared the support during weekends to cut cost).

I became a customer of them since they launched. I had good experiences with them (when it was still limedomains.com). When it changed to Gotonames.com, I faces lots of issues in my account and that was where I tend to open more tickets. However, there is no more than 15 tickets I made in these years. Something happened, I got so frustrated and pissed off and I have no choice, I decided to write about them.

Here are what happened:

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Untethered Jailbreak iOS5.0.1 for iPhone 4 in Windows 7

Please Note: This untethered jailbreak is currently not working for iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

STEP 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 from here.

STEP 2: Execute Redsn0w, then click on “Jailbreak”. Here you will have to follow the instruction given on screen. Basically, you just have to make sure your iPhone 4 is off before clicking “Next”.

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