Impossible to Remove Uninstalled Apps from Google Play’s My Account

I now have a phone and a tablet which their OSes are both Android, so they both are using Google account. Besides, I have also a previously defective and returned tablet linked to same Google Play account. The thing which bother me so much was where you cannot remove those uninstalled apps from the Google Play > My Account > My Orders. It gets very complicated because there were lots of apps that I have uninstalled since long time ago on my phone, and recently some were from the tablet. Uninstalled and installed apps were mixed up in the My Orders apps list in the past. However, Google has categorised them into two parts which labeled “Apps installed on Galaxy S2″ and “Other Apps in My Library”. Although, they have been categorised (which is much better than last time), still I would hope to remove the rest of the uninstalled apps.

Unfortunately, after searching for the solution, I came accross this support page of Google mentioning the below:

At this time, there is no way to delete records of old apps either on the Google Play website ( or from the My Apps section of the Google Play Store app.

If you’re in Google Play and tap Menu > My Apps, or if you’ve clicked on My Android Apps/My Orders & Devices on and you’re trying to remove some of the apps that are listed, then you’re experiencing this behavior.

At this time, there’s no workaround available; however, we do know that some users are looking for a way to delete old apps from Google Play, and we’ll certainly take this into account as we work to improve the Google Play experience in the future.

Issue first reported on: April 9, 2012

Last updated on: August 1, 2012

So, if you are trying to remove those uninstalled apps, this might disappoints you at this point. I think Google is using separation method so that we can look back at our apps history. Let’s hope Google will take care this matter in near future and bear with the current separation method. ;)



Months ago, I realised that we can actually remove those unwanted uninstalled apps from within Google Play in our phones. Just go to Google Play > My Apps > All, saw a “No” sign on the top right of each application? Yes. Touch on that and you will be prompted with the message asking you to confirm whether you want to remove the app. That’s it! :)

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