When I was not that affordable, I can only choose to use myBB. It was my favourite free forum software.

Until one day, I saw a forum software named xenForo is being used by ClientExec which I think the forum is super cool, I quickly Google it and I found that it’s a paid forum software at a very reasonable price. I purchased it without thinking it twice. I never felt regret too for buying it. I started to know more about xenForo by reading the popular posts on its community and then I realised xenForo was having a war with Internet Brands (sounded like big guy bullied the small guy). Seen lots of people saying those nasty words and underestimating xenForo at different communities. Nevertheless, I still support xenForo a lot (because of the love at first sight!). Now, xenForo won the lawsuit! I am indeed very happy and will definitely support xenForo continuously. Congratulations! :D

Tried vB, IPB and WBB, but xenForo is definitely for the win! :)

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